Hi I'm Vienna,a UX Designerand creative creaturebased in Sydney :-)

My creative journey began when I picked up my first camera. It was through photography that I realized my loveof looking through different lensesand developing new perspectives. When I'm taking photos, I'm observing the world. As a photographer, my practice is based on capturingreal human vulnerability as well astheir inexplicable moments of joy. As a UX designer, my approach is the same.

My observations of people become the foundation of my researchand my creative thinkingstrives to seek innovative solutionsso I can build products that make peoplehappy

My Projects.

Glamazon App

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https://glamazonapp.comUX researcher, UI designerWaterfallSurvey Monkey, Adobe Illustrator/Indesign, pen and paper  Glamazon is a real-time peer to peer mobile platform that connects customers to freelance beauticians who provide at home services. There are two ends of their product: 1. An app for customers to book services 2. An app for freelancers to manage their own services and availabilities.


Since co-founders Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree appeared on Sharktank AU in July, Glamazon had to address their sudden influx of traffic and media attention. Lauren and Lisa were spending so many hours manually fixing problems and resolving customer complaints that the business was starting to come across some serious scalability hurdles. They had difficulty meeting the demands of the customer whilst providing a seamless and reliable platform for the freelancers.

The Process:


Our team met with co-founders Lauren and Lisa to get to know a bit more about their app, what problems they were experiencing and their long-term ambitions with Glamazon. Meeting the girls to have a face to face chat was invaluable; they were able to give us really detailed insights on the problems they were currently facing. After the meeting, a reverse brief was sent to the girls summarizing our conversation and the deliverables our team was going to be working on over the next few weeks.

We started by carrying out competitor analysis of the market. This included companies offering similar products as well as other apps that were also based on a peer to peer platform.

I conducted a heuristic evaluation of the Glamazon apps and found that there were some urgent user flow problems and design inconsistencies. Following these findings, I created pen and paper UI wireframes addressing these problems so the developer could start resolving these issues.

I compiled the user flow findings into a document as a deliverable outlining the problems as well as suggestions for changes.


Our team held a brainstorming session to come up with questions we wanted to ask during our research stage. I devised a linear grouping to help us structure our questionnaire and then we closed sorted the questions into either survey or 1:1 questions. Surveys were done via survey monkey and 1:1 interviews were conducted with one person interviewing and another person scribing on post its.


We compiled the survey and interview data to draw out key insights with story cards.

From our story cards, we were able to identify proto-personas for both customer and freelancer.

Customer Journey Map

I devised a visual layout depicting both customer and freelancer journeys to run side by side with corresponding insights, pain points and opportunities. This was then further developed by the team into a deliverable poster in Illustrator and handwritten insights.

Conferring with the team on modeling our customer journey map.


Pain points for the CustomersNot having the autonomy to choose their own stylists. Lauren and Lisa were manually managing a lot of calls from customers who were unhappy with the stylist they were paired with. Paint Points for FreelancersFreelancers were frustrated that they were receiving delayed notifications of jobs available because jobs were allocated via first come first serve basis.Jobs were being sent out in SMS batches which meant that even though freelancers were responding to the message as soon as they received them, the job had already been taken. This meant that Lauren and Lisa were also dealing with angry phone calls from freelancers who had missed out on a job.

The Solution:

The solution I presented back to Glamazon addressed these two pain points;

To put the first few stylists who respond to the job on a shortlist so that the customer can choose who they want to book.

Solar Analytics

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https://www.solaranalytics.comUX/UI DesignerAgileAdobe XD, remote testing, pen and paper prototypes  Solar Analytics provide dashboards for homeowners that empower them to monitor their solar consumption and production.


The existing Solar Analytics dashboard displays data that can be too overwhelming for the average user. Most households still hold the mindset of using electricity during off-peak hours instead of making the most of the energy during daylight hours.


To design a simpler companion app that will engage and empower household users to change their behavior around solar energy consumption.


Solar Analytics ran us through their existing customer data and previous research projects. We were given the go-ahead to freely ideate and design, from their presentation, a companion app that met the project's objectives. We drew out features and concepts from the ideation session to populate our backlog.

The Process:

First Sprint